A-Z Sticker Book Busy Bag

Today I am kicking off The A-Z of Busy Bags series with a DIY, re-usable A-Z Sticker Book!

a-z book

To make this book I have used:

  • White paper
  • Laminating sheets
  • Foam alphabet stickers
  • Foam picture stickers
  • Printer

I folded a piece of paper as shown in the image and added the letters. Then made a copy of all the letters:

After I copied the letters I pulled the foam letters of carefully and stuck it on the bag to re-use it again.

Then I laminated all the cut letter cards, punched holes in and added it to a keyring:

laminated letter cards
The idea is that your child will find the right foam sticker and stick it on the right letter. You can have picture foam stickers and match beginning sounds to letters too. (We had some stickers that fit, it not for all letters.)

matching letters

When pulled off carefully, these stickers can be used over and over again!

Another good learning opportunity that presents itself here, apart from visual discrimination, letter knowledge and beginning sound recognition, is alphabet order. Each letter has its place.

You can even use this book to spell and write CVC words.

It is perfect to pop into a bag in the car for using during travel or waiting times, thus making this the perfect busy bag activity for kindergartners or older kids!

sticker book busy bag

Remember to check back in tomorrow to see a busy bag with letter B!

Also visit our Busy Bag Galore Pinterest board for loads of busy bag ideas!

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