Ring-o-Roses Fresh Rose Petal Wreath

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It’s Rhyme Time!  

I put together a round up of all our Rhyme Time crafts and activities here, all 14 so far!

This week we are learning the rhyme Ring-o-Roses and made a wreath from fresh rose petals! AND it is mess free too!

ring-o-roses wreath  

This is very simple to make. All you need is:

  • 2 paper plates
  • Strips of contact paper or thick clear sticky tape
  • Rose petals
  • String

 Cut both plates as shown in the picture below: materials needed   
Then wind the contact paper around the one paper plate, sticky side up. Place the other plate at the back to cover the stickiness at the back(which you don’t need):

contact paper around plate  
Stick on the petals!

This activity was for my 2.8 year old. It is easy, no mess and so pretty! AND smelled divine too! He picked up on the scent and the softness of the petals, thus making this a lovely sensory activity too!

  sticking petals   
He stuck the petals all around the plate:

round and round  
This is where he stopped sticking the petals:

  ring of roses   
Then I filled in the empty spots so you don’t see the plate:

ring of roses  
A ring of roses(petals)!

We added a string around it and hung it on the front door. Little mister was quite please with his handiwork!

An easy toddler or preschooler craft that goes along nicely with the rhyme Ring-o-Roses.

For more ideas on Ring-o-Roses activities, check out what Adventures of Adam was up to!

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