Jelly Fish Craft Recycling Tees

The new year is approaching soon, right? Time to de clutter and/or to reuse items you’ve been storing just “in case” you need it, right?

Here is an easy recycling craft, reusing an old t shirt and polystyrene cup! Recycled Jelly Fish craft from tees!

I used the sleeve of a long sleeved tee:

recycling tees

And cut it like shown in the picture:
cutting a tee

Keeping it all together by not cutting right through:

I simply added it to a polystyrene cup like so:
jelly fish from tees

And added googly eyes:

jelly fish craft

And voila: a cute jelly fish from recycling tees! So, get your old t shirts out and make a bunch of these jelly fish, perfect for an ocean theme!

I have good news, we are starting the Recycle & Create Project up again in 2016! Be sure to keep an eye out for posts around the last Friday of each month!

Here are some posts of the previous Project we took part in in 2014:

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