Jar and Cupcake Liner Bunny

Is this bunny made from a jar and cupcake liner not just the cutest little thing?


We still have lots of jars from when W ate purity, a while ago, but they do come in handy for crafts like these. And my latest “addiction”: cupcake liners, made this bunny extra cute!

What you need:
– a glass jar
– mini cupcake liners(I used the polka dot one, but any colour or pattern could work)
– 2 pompoms
– 2 earbuds
– 2 googly eyes
– cotton wool to fill the jar(or use real sweets)
– glue


What to do:
– cut the liners into ear shapes and feet shapes

– fill the jar
– glue the feet and ears on

– add the eyes, nose(cut ear buds in half)

– don’t forget the little tail!


And there you go, what a cutie!
Why not try and make a chic too?


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