House on fire made from a cardboard box

House on fire

We are so excited to take part in this project: Recycle and Create

In January, a few bloggers and their kids are creating with a cardboard box, and what creative ideas so far! Be sure to check them all out!
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Each month a different recyclable will be used to create with, what fun! You could join in the fun too by linking up your cardboard box activities at the end of this post.

We made this ‘House on Fire’ for the brother’s birthday. He will be having a fire engine party, and the older kids will get water spray bottles to put the flames out. At the back of the house, there is small windows for the younger kids to post balls through.


This is how we made the house:

I used a big box, the one the washing machine came in, and cut the door and windows with a carpet knife.


Then the bricks were painted by using a rectangular stencil(100×170), cut out of an x-ray(re-using here too).


Lella helped paint the door.


The final touches were the flames, made from red and yellow tissue paper. Alternating the colors, practicing basic patterning too!


And there you have it: a house on fire! I am sure,if the house survives the party, my kids will be playing with it in different ways. They already started, with sister hiding inside and brother looking for her through the windows! ( I will update with photos after the party)


The kids had so much fun with this house during the party! The bigger kids put the flames out till you couldn’t even see flames anymore(and of course sprayed each other too). The smaller ones liked to go in the door, peeking out the windows. The babies had fun posting the balls through the small windows at the back, while the bigger kids tried to throw the balls through the windows from a distance. Such a hit! Oh, and the house survived, although the flames did not, but my two was playing again in it today.

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    Hi Nadia! Love to feature your project on Apartment Therapy. We’ll link back to this post. Let me know if that’s a problem! Best, Beth ūüôā


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