Horsie Horsie Small World Play

It’s Rhyme Time! This week we have a rhyme we are not familiar with, but still had fun learning it and with small world play: Horsie, Horsie!

horsie horsie small world  “Horsie, Horsie don’t you stop, just let your feet do clippety  clop; Your tail goes swish and the wheels go round; Giddy-up, you’re homeward bound.”

We have an Afrikaans rhyme about a horse, and ended up singing that song too! “Hop, hop, hop, Perdjie op galop. Oor die klipppe, deur die slote, trap versigtig met jou pote, altyd op galop, perdjie hop, hop, hop.”

I made a small world with a play horse and his stall. I added a masking tape road, to let the kids help the horse find its way home, making it a bit of a challenge.

  masking tape road  
Then we added the detail: grass, the house, some rocks etc.

  find the horsies home  
Finally we added some “dirt”. This is Chocolate Cloud Dough. Oh, and some buckets for the horses food(oats) and water:

  choco cloud dough  

A fun small world setup, perfect to go along with the rhyme Horsie, Horsie!

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