Fine motor Play from Recyclables


We like re-using stuff, to create with and to play with. And if you can learn and develop doing just that, it is so much better!

This DIY toy using recyclables is real easy to set up. I used toilet paper rolls and kitchen towel rolls, egg container and duct tape.
I stuck the rolls to the cabinet(choosing the cabinet so we can use magnets later too) with the duct tape. I suppose it would look more pretty if you paint the recyclables, but this was an impromptu idea to keep W busy while I worked.
For older kids you can make it a project, to paint first and stick it themselves in a pattern that will ensure the balls/pompoms will fall into the egg container.

W(13 months) got the big pompoms to throw into the rolls. He enjoyed this for a while, and the next day found it himself and started playing without any prompt.


For L(3.5yrs), I made it a bit more tricky, first by giving her a peg to use it to pick up the pompoms and throw it in. Also, she got different sizes. Then we made the magnets, using colored foam circles on round magnets. I placed the different colors at different rolls, and she had to throw the right color pompoms into the right roll. Color sorting practise.


Fun, frugal and educational fine motor play, just the way we like it;)

Do you have a copy of this awesome book yet? (Click the pic to go to Amazon to buy!)
Also see this great resource(link on the image for details)!
Fine motor play



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