Playdough Letter Mazes

Today it is all about playdough AND letters with this fun playdough letter mazes idea! Keep it simple with little ones or turn it into a challenge for older kids.  Read on to learn more…

Playdough letter mazes
With these playdough letter mazes, multi sensory learning takes place, perfect for young kids!

You will need:

Simply flatten the playdough on the tray and press a letter maze (you can do numbers and shapes too) with you thumb into the playdough. Go deep and wide enough so that the marble fits snugly.

Playdough and marble
Here we used the younger ones’ initials. Show them where to start and the correct direction to work on letter formation.

Let them push the marble with a finger or stick. See how quick they can do that without pushing it out of the maze. Time them and let them beat their best scores or each other.  PS: use a bigger ball(like a bouncy ball) to be safe, rule of thumb, the younger the child, the bigger the ball;)

Playdough letters
Ask the older kids to move the marble through the maze by only manipulating the tray. This is quite tricky, especially around the corners! Bilateral coordination and hand eye coordination are being developed here. Let them figure out how to prevent the marble from rolling out of the maze(psst: the corners must be quite defined) and which letters will be the best to make mazes from(round letters don’t have any where to slip out…)

Letter maze
​Such a fun way to introduce letters to young kiddos and to play with letters older kids are already familiar with! 

Playdough letter mazes

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