Counting Hearts Busy Bag

Make this fun counting hearts busy bag to help your little one with counting and fine motor skills too!

Counting Hearts Busy bag

This busy bag is quite easy to put together.
You will need:

  • pipecleaners
  • craft foam(I have used pinks, purples, reds etc)
  • same colours as above paper
  • marker

Materials needed

Cut hearts out of the craft foam and punch holes in the middle. I made them the same size, but you can make a variety of sizes too. Then, cut the paper into circles(I used a punch), attach it to the pipecleaners by bending it around the pipecleaner and securing with a bit of glue. Lastly, write numbers on it. I used the numbers 1-10 but you can use any numbers.

Counting Hearts

Add these pipecleaners and hearts to a small bag and you have a fun little Valentine’s Day Busy bag for when you are on the go(or at waiting times) to keep your kids happy and learning too! More busy bag ideas:
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