Collaborative Christmas Handprint Craft

You will find that I just love keepsakes! This is the first one we made using canvas though. It was such fun making this collaborative Christmas Handprint Craft canvasses!

Christmas canvas craft

I bought these canvasses a while ago and did not know what to do with it. I wanted to make some sort of Christmassy picture. Then I saw this on Pinterest and thought I’ll tweak it a bit.

My sons(almost 3) job was to make the prints for the reindeer. This photo was taken by my 5.5 year old daughter, not a bad job!

3 yr old

Then she made the Santa handprint together with the footprint for the sleigh.
5.5 yr old

The most difficult part was to get the prints in the right spot to look good as a whole picture.

Mommy’s job was to fill in the rest of the picture! I’m not the best artist, but I like the end result! I added the small details to the reindeer and Santa, used a marker for the sleigh ropes and painted the trees. Lastly, I used the toothbrush technique to make the “snow” all over the page and my girl pressed some fingerprints for snowflakes!


This was really fun and to see the end result as a whole, satisfying.  It looks lovely on our dining table too!
handprint craft

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