Building CVC Words with Blocks

One thing I have learned working with children with learning disabilities: they need hands on activities in order to grasp a concept!

The use of real building blocks for this CVC word building activity is just that! building cvc words

For this activity you will need:

blocks & stickers

Write the letters on the stickers and stick it on the blocks.

We have revised the letters c, a, t, o and p in the fist two weeks of school, that is why you will see only these letters on the blocks(I added a line underneath the letter p so it won’t be confused with a letter d after I took these photos). You can obviously use whatever letters your kids now and work with that.

letters on blocks

I like the idea of using stickers on the blocks, that makes it non-permanent and it could be changed or removed.

PS: You have to see these posts about Spelling with building blocks and CVC Dominoes. Both activities are fabulous, that is why they were added to two fab books!

I have 3 to 4 kids in a therapy group and each will get a block with all the letters. (A child can play individually and build more words)

  • Find letters on the block: Show me your letter c, what sound does it make?
  • If I want to spell the word ‘cap’, which letter comes first?(kids show ‘c’) and then?(kids show ‘a’) and last? (Kids show ‘p’).
  • Let’s spell the word ‘pot’ together. First child places down a ‘p’. Next child adds his ‘o’, last one adds his letter ‘p’. The next child can read the whole word.
  • Phoneme manipulation: change the sounds in the word. For instance: let’s change the word ‘pot’ to ‘pat’. What needs to change?
  • Now, let’s start a word with ‘t’. Which words start with ‘t’? ‘Tap’, ‘top’. Let’s build it. Which letter comes after ‘t’? And then?

This is a great segmenting and blending activity, two skills kids need to spell, read and write.

learning with blocks

For an individual activity: Add the blocks to a container and shake it up. What does it spell? Or play a game of block scrabble: start with one word and build on!
building cvc words

Make word building fun by using real blocks and your children will have a blast revising their CVC words!

More fun learning ideas with blocks:

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