Afrikaanse Alfabet Kaarte(Alphabet Cards)

Afrikaanse alfabet kaarte! A bit of a different post, this one, because it is (mostly) for our Afrikaans readers! However, you can use these alphabet cards to teach Afrikaans as an additional language!

Afrikaanse Kaarte
Origin of Afrikaans(Wikipedia): “It is the first language of most of the Afrikaners and Coloureds of Southern Africa. Although Afrikaans has adopted words from other languages, including Portuguese, the Bantu languages, Malay, German and the Khoisan languages, an estimated 90 to 95% of the vocabulary of Afrikaans is of Dutch origin.”

A blogging buddy of mine, also a ex-South African, Nicolette from Powerful Mothering, and I created these pretty Afrikaans alphabet cards. There *might* be more Afrikaans resources coming, depending on the demand. I just love these cards and we had fun learning activities already(and more planned). 
I tried to stay with short, easy-to-read words, wherever possible, when designing these cards. (I am a reading therapist and qualified teacher with learner support as degree, whereas Nicolette is the creative designer.) For some letters  I had to use names because we do not get short words that start with that letter(Q/C etc). These cards are designed for your early Afrikaans readers(ages 4 to 8) or additional language learners. 

How to use: 

We simply used the cards for letter and sound recognition. The clear pictures with the lower and upper case letters are perfect for this. My 4.5 year old also “read” the cards, which is good for his confidence since his 7 year old sister can read it all by now. 

Alfabet Kaarte
We also used the cards with the salt tray, forming the letters, thus working on letter formation while reading the letter and hearing the sound.

Salt tray
The poster can be used in a game where you close your eyes and point to a letter with a pen. That letter must now be found in the stack and read. This can be timed to make it more challenging.

My daughter has now decided she will use these cards and the poster in her “class”. Her favorite pastime is to pretend play School-school!

The printables: There is an A4 poster to print, which you can enlarge if you want to. Then, the cards come in sizes A5 and A6. These are free to download and use. Please do not resell.

DOWNLOAD HERE or click on the image below!
Afr Alfabet Kaarte


  1. Emily says

    Thank you! Im going to use this! We live in america, but my husband and his family are from south africa so teaching our kids afrikaans is important to us, and you can get nothing in or sent to america that has afrikaans words on it!! Wish i had this when i was learning afrikaans!! Baie dankie!

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