Pumpkin Handprint & Photo Keepsake

This month’s handprint and photo keepsake is a pumpkin one! Or, a handprint and photo of my little pumpkin!

 pumpkin keepsake 
This pumpkin keepsake is very similar to the Apple keepsake in shape, but I painted it afterwards because after the drying process it was too light to my liking. I used liquid food colouring, perhaps the gel kind would keep it from turning light. (I will use gel food colouring next time and report back.)

So with the other keepsakes(see them HERE), I used equal amounts of flour and salt(1 cup each we had left over) with half water(1/2 cup).

I rolled it out, about 1 cm thick. 

I cut and modified the shape until it looked like a pumpkin and added the stump(is that what one calls it?)  process  
Then, my son pressed his hand into the dough, not too hard though. A glass was used to make the hole for the photo(still can’t find my circle cookie cutter!) and carefully removed.

The date was added with these cookie letter stamps and holes were made with a bamboo stick. You could add the child’s name or occasion too.

The keepsake went into the oven for 3 hours(and left overnight, upside down, to dry out more) at plus minus 80’C/160’F.

The next day I added the photo at the back plus the string and painted it.
A lovely keepsake of my little pumpkin for Halloween time or Fall!

   pumpkin keepsake   

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  1. says

    Hi! I found you on Pinterest and I love this craft, so cute and easy!

    I included a text link to it in my blog’s round-up post, but I was looking for an email address to contact you to ask your permission to use an image as well?

    Thanks for making such cute things!

  2. Jessica says

    These can be put in a regular oven right? If so what is the time and temperature. Is it 160 degrees and 3 hours in a regular oven too? Also did you leave them in the oven overnight and at what temperature do I leave it on over night? I want to make these with my kids for our Sunday school class. Thanks for sharing this

  3. Jennifer Tenenbaum says

    Hi- I can’t wait to do this! How did you fasten the picture to the back?

    Thanks for the super cute idea!

  4. Jennifer Tenenbaum says

    I put it on a cookie sheet and it came out disastrous. Do you just put it directly on the oven rack?

  5. Alexa Rojas says

    Our dough came out too sticky theretofore the hand-print would not form….. should we add more flour.. salt? What do you recommend. Thanks!!


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