Simple Science: Wind Experiment

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Today we a joining a series called A-Z STEM Series and we have the letter W! W for Wind! We did a simple wind experiment: Will the wind blow it?

Will the wind blow it?

We went outside with these feathers and first watched what it did. There was a slight breeze, so the fine feathery part of the feather moved slightly.


Then we talked about how we can make wind with our bodies: with our breath, blowing like the wind. Here my 2 year old tried blowing the feather of of the table. He enjoys this!

Blowing feathers

And I asked my daughter to place the feather on her head, and then run. What happened? The feather blew off. Why? Because when we run, our bodies make wind.

Feather on head=

My daughter gathered some items she found in the garden: a rock, a leaf and some dirt. She tried to blow them all. She could blow the leaf and the dirt, but not the rock. I asked her why? Because the rock is too heavy, she answered.

Blowing dirt
For her, this was quite obvious, but to brother not. He tried and tried to blow the rock off the table, just like the feather. Too funny!

He then found the magazine and started swatting the feather with it. Too his amazement, the feather blew of the table! Lella realized it was the magazine making wind, that blew off the feather!

Magazine making wind

Afterwards I showed them this photo of the feather blowing:
Blowing feather
Such a simple experiment, but educational! Not to mention the fun we had!
Now, let me just go clean all the spit off the table…

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A-Z STEM Series


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