Directionality Activity with Cars

We are in a Hotwheels phase here with my 3 year old boy. His sister also loves to play, so we used this to practice directionality(left and right)!

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directionality act

This directionality activity was more for my daughter, but my son enjoyed it as well!

Directionality is a vital part of perceptual motor skills that kids need to help them develop spatial awareness. Directional awareness is important for optimal learning, for example: understanding where the left of a book is to start a sentence, not even speaking about functional reasons: turning right at the end of the corridor to find the office.

Before a child starts formal schooling, these things need to be in place, hence us working on it with my 5.5 year old daughter that will start Grade 1 next year January.

So, a while ago, we made this garage/parking lot box, complete with “speed bumps”(plasters)! And some personalized  “art”:
parking lot/garage

Then, we used stickers and added left and right arrows to the cars.

arrow stickers

The cars were lined up at the entrance and the kids  had to decide which way to turn into the parking lot according to the sticker on the car. I expected of my daughter to say with each turn: left or right.
lining up

Notice the cars in the same row has different arrows? She did too! The opportunity arose to explain that even if it does look “wrong” to her, it is still right, because those cars entered from the opposite side(brothers side).


Little guy has a chance to count all the cars, so this activity is not only good for directionality practice, but counting practice too!

A fun, but educational activity that shows you that you can use what you have in your house to teach you kids in a playful way!

directionality with cars

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