Water Sensory Bin Challenge

This month’s Sensory Bin Challenge is WATER!

sensory bin challenge

Now this was a bit of a challenge this time, because we are in the middle of our winter here in South Africa and we don’t do much water play(except for in the bath tub)!

BUT one sunny day I decided to give it a try: you see my oldest has SPD, so the more messy the better and my youngest is 18 months and does everything big sis does, so they were bound to get wet!

The bin I set up with warm-ish water.



Sis decided to add the small bugs,dinosaurs and fish first.

Small toys


Then the spoon, glass and jug were added.


By that time(before I could get a good pic of her) she lost interest, but brother enjoyed himself: adding the dinos to the glass, throwing them out again, drank some water…

bro playing

He enjoyed this simple activity, and sometimes simple is better!
Why don’t you give your child a simple water bin, and observe how he/she plays!




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