Use Playdough to teach Maths


Playdough is one of those “must haves” when you have young children. You can either buy playdough at a store or make your own.
You will find the recipe I love to use here. I just variate in color and scent each time. This batch we colored orange and added pineapple extract.

Lella(3 and a half) plays almost daily with the dough, mostly free play, but now and again I use it intentionally as a teaching tool.
This time to teach some mathematical skills: counting,adding,subtracting etc.

Here she had to make balls and place it on the toothpicks, counting: 1 ball,2 balls,3 balls… Take off one ball…how many left.. You get the idea? I added the dough numbers for her, starting with number recognition now.

Here she used the toothpicks for counting in more or less the same way as the balls.


Here are more number recognition ideas:
1) tracing over the number written in the dough, with a finger(for sensory experience), and with a toothpick
2) matching balls of dough to the correct number formed with the dough
3) making holes with the toothpicks according to the playdough number given

For older kids, this set up could be fun:


Get playing, get learning, have fun!



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