Ultimate Guide to Crafting with Sequins

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Today I bring you the Ultimate Guide to crafting with sequins as part of the The Ultimate Guide to 50 Craft Materials initiated by Georgina of Craftulate and 50 super creative kid bloggers!


Sequins: those small shiny objects one finds on clothes or fabric.
There are differents shapes, sizes and colors availableShiny Confetti too, together with sequins.

The only thing about sequins is that it’s so small(and static), so a bit difficult for small fingers to work with. (Great fine motor practise though!) Use the larger variety when your child has difficulty picking up the tiny ones or use this technique: prestik at the end of a pencil.


Sequins can bring sparkle to any project, like this Magnetic Photo Holder we made as a Valentine’s Gift.


Here are two ideas for making cards using sequins:

Sticky paper heart card


‘You bring a sparkle to my eye’ Card


Sequins Mosaic is another activity older kids enjoy. Simply use a coloring picture and fill it with sequins. This takes some time, and perserverence, but a great activity for stretching that attention span.

Sequins Photo frame


Christmas Crafts



Magic wand


Some more awesome ideas for sequin crafts(click on the link to see photos and details):
Christmas tree cake topper by Juggling with kids
Contact paper Jelly Fish by Juggling with kids
New Year art for toddlers by Craftulate
DIY Sparkly photo frames by Craftulate
Simple fairy crown by Teach beside me

Now it is your turn!

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