Summer Christmas Headbands

Today we are joining a group of bloggers from all over the world to bring you an interesting series on Christmas in different lands by Multicultural Kid Blogs.
Christmas in different lands

Christmas time here in South Africa is right in the middle of summer, so we experience very hot weather(usually around 30’C). Christmas accessories, like elf suits and felt Christmas hats are just not practical to wear, although one could buy it, (and some do), but I made us some headbands we could wear instead.

summer headbands

And here is how:

What you need


For the Christmas tree one:
– headband
– green pipe cleaner(s)
– beads

And then do this:
Tree steps

For the stars one:
– 4 felt stars
– star sequins
– glue
– glitter glue
– two short pipe cleaners
– beads

And then do this:
Stars steps

What is great about these headbands: you can wear them for a Summer OR Winter Christmas! And have fun!

As for other Christmas traditions: our country has inherited most traditions. For South African Christians it is more about celebrating the birth of Jesus. After attending church in the morning of Christmas Day, one will have a great family feast or a “braai”, like a BBQ, but on open fire.

As for decorations: We do put up trees ,see ours here,(fake ones), have a countdown to Christmas Day, make wreaths and our own ornaments like these.

Some give out presents at midnight on Christmas Day, or first thing on Christmas morning. We usually spend the day before Christmas with family and have a present giving and feast there, and then at home, our family will have small presents in their stockings, which we open before church. We do have Father Christmas and Elf on the shelf(not naughty), that “visits” our house, but we try and not focus on that, and when the kids are older and asks for the truth, we will most probably tell them the truth.

Merry Christmas or like we say it in Afrikaans: Geseende Kersfees!


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