#simple play: Glue

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We are joining in (when we can), in the #simpleplay series initiated by Nurturestore.
The idea is to keep play and learning simple and fun. Each day in January, a specific play/craft/learning material are named and you let your kids play/create with that material, keeping it simple, thus frugal too. My type of activity;)

Today’s material is Glue. We used the White Craft Glue, to write the kids names, and draw some pictures. I also did a few letters of the alphabet, just to give you more ideas on how you could use this simple technique in learning too. (Tracing the letters with the finger, rubbing over each letter, naming them, matching the glue letter to the correct crayon letter etc.)


We let the glue dry completely, took about 3 hours, placed a paper over the letters and rubbed over the letters with a crayon. For Lella, it was like magic happening before her eyes! Yet, so simple!


She did each one with only one color, but different colors could be interesting. Next time…




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