Shapes Game from Recyclables

I do love to use recyclables to make up games like this super fun shapes game! It is frugal and I don’t feel bad if my kids only play with it for a little while, although, with some they play with for a long time like this fine motor play idea.

shape game from recyclables

For this game I used pill containers/bottles with the flip top and circle cutouts from another project. You can use bottle tops too. recyclables

I added shapes(with different colours) to the circles and the pill bottles using Sharpies:

I printed this Blank Die/Dice Template onto sturdy cardboard and add the same marks(shapes and colours) to it together with a +1 and -1.
shape dice


The shape circles were divided up between the players. My 6 year old played with two 3.5 year olds. Each player had a turn to roll the dice.

The player adds all those shapes to the correct pill bottle. If the dice lands on the 1+, he/she needs to take one out of any bottle. If it lands on the -1, he/she can add any one to a bottle. The player which ends with nothing first, wins!


Extension/Educational Value

  • Count the shapes you have(counting skills)
  • Talk about the shapes and colours(language development)
  • Only use two fingers to pick up the circles(fine motor skills)
  • Take turns and handle wins and losses(social development)

shapes game
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A super fun shapes game using recyclables indeed!

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