Ribbon Spiral Christmas Tree Ornament

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Some days I look at all the pretty Pinterest ornaments and wish my kids will sit for 5 minutes to do a craft like that! And guess what, they did with this one!

We are joining a series called Homemade Kid Christmas Ornaments and made this super easy ribbon spiral Christmas Tree Ornament!

ribbon spiral ornament

What you need:

  • Material ribbon strips
  • Craft glue
  • Water
  • Tray
  • Old plastic pencils/pens
  • Buttons or decorative pieces
  • String(optional to hang it up)


What to do:

First, dilute the glue with water. Use a 1:1 ratio. Dip the ribbon in the glue mixture, making sure the whole ribbon is covered. (My SPD child loved this messy part of the activity)

glue mixture

Turn the wet ribbon around the plastic pencil. You need a plastic one otherwise it won’t come off easily when dry.
make a spiral

Leave to dry. We left it for a day.

let it dry

When dry, pry it off the pencil. Look what happens! It stays like that, like a spiral! (This is a great experiment too. Explain to the kids why it is staying like that: because the glue holds it together.)
pry off

Add any decorative piece at the bottom end. We used star buttons and felt snowflakes. Make a hole at the other end and add string to hang it up on your tree. You don’t have to add another string though, you could only make a hole in your spiral ribbon and hang it up like that too.

decorative, string

And that is it! Easy but oh so pretty Christmas tree ribbon spiral ornaments! You can find more ideas here in the next 30 Days:

You have to see this awesome Christmas Ornaments book! Click the image below for details:

Christmas Ornaments

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