Playtime: Bling for Baby

Shiny things capture any baby’s attention and this Bling bag is so easy to make yourself.

What you need:

– 2 plastic ziploc type bags, one slightly bigger than the other
– hair gel
– small,flat shiny objects like sequins, party sprinkles, glitter etc.

What to do:

– pour the gel into the smallest bag
– add the bling
– close the bag ( to toddler-tamper proof it, close with sellotape as well!)
– squish the bling around to fill the bag evenly
– place the small bag inside the bigger bag to ensure no leakages if the smaller one may get damaged,  (it does get into the mouth,like everything else;)
– let baby squash and squish!

Baby brother love this! You can even place it in the fridge for a while so the gel gets cold for extra tactile exploration! 

When your toddler plays with it, you can ask her to find certain items, or count certain items in the bag. This is also a nice “cool down” tool: when Lella is upset I give her this bag and it helps her to calm down a bit.

Try it for yourselves!


  1. Kat says

    I have also done this with chocolate pudding. I put the milk in one corner and then very carefully put the powder in so that it dosn’t mix (much). The textures and colors change as the pudding mixes. If the bag fails, it’s all edible inside! When play time is over we get to eat the pudding:)


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