Maize Flour Writing Box

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An easy tool to use to help your preschooler start to write numbers, letters and draw shapes. I used maize flour(mieliemeel), but you can use salt as well. The idea is to write with the finger,for that #sensoryexperience as well. I gave Lella the brush one use in baking to “clear” the flour whenever she wanted.
Lella had trouble copying the cards, but had fun with the texture of the flour, and just drew whatever she wanted. But for older kids, I’ll say from 5years, you can use cards, ones you draw on yourselves, and let your child copy that. It gives him/her chance to develop the skill to copy from something else, a skill they will use in school when they have to write something down that teacher write on the black board.
Be warned, it can get messy, but it is fun, and educational as well.
Be sure to check in soon for more fun,easy activities!
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