Heart Themed Sensory #simpleplay

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We are joining up today for #simpleplay by Nurturestore.
Today it is all about Sensory Bins. Now, this can get messy, so be prepared. Play outside if you can, or on a tablecloth you can just shake off when done. Also, it is not intended for mouthing babies, but I always let my 1year old join in, but watch him closely.

Remember our Valentine’s Themed Loose Parts #simpleplay activity? We used that same items today, added some pink colored rice and a spoon and a pair of craft tongs.

The items have different textures to it: soft, smooth, shiny, hard, coarse etc. This led to a discussion and language development opportunity.


3.5 year old Lella had to transfer the items from the one heart-shaped basket to the other by either using the spoon or tongs. She discovered the flat items are more difficult to pick up with the tongs, and opted to use the spoon instead. Good opportunity for Fine motor skills and problem solving development.


We played hide the hearts, and matching colors,size and textures. Learning while we play and having fun!


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