Fine Motor Pompom Play for Traveling

Fine motor pompom play

A simple fine motor play idea for young toddlers for when you are traveling!

All you need is pompoms, different sizes(that will fit through the hole) and different colours, to make it more appealing, half a bottle, I’ve used a 500ml cola bottle, and an old sock.

W playing

Here W is playing before I added the sock.

One could make up a story of the bottle monster eating pompoms, or give instructions to older toddlers: throw in the big blue pompom, now the small green one, can you find the ones that look the same, throw in 3 pompoms etc.

Easy setup, fun play, and good for those fine motor skills. That it is traveling safe makes it perfect too.
Here it is: closed up and ready to entertain during a trip!
Travel ready
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Safe traveling!




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