Fine Motor & Counting Christmas Tree

While we are busy preparing for Christmas, we have been learning with these cute trays! This time it is counting while working on fine motor skills too! fine motor & counting tree   
Like the Fine Motor & Sorting Christmas Trees Tray, we used pompoms, a tweezer and a felt Christmas tree cut out, together with a dice.

To play, the dice was rolled to get a number. Then, that number of pompoms were added to the tree to decorate. This was done a few times to get a lot of pompoms on the tree. (My child likes linear, lol) Extend by counting the pompoms: how many pompoms do we have altogether?

  adding pompoms  
The game was reversed: this time the number rolled was the amount of pompoms you need to take away. A playful way to practice subtraction.

One could sort and count according to colour or size too!

This learning activity is such a fun learning tool for your preschooler or kindergartner during Christmas time!

Extend this activity by having two children play together, each with an identical tray. Add a competitive component, saying the first tree that is full, wins, or the first tree that is empty wins.

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christmas tree fine motor & counting  
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