Grand Old Duke of York Fingerprint Craft

 It is Rhyme Time! Today were learning the rhyme “The Grand Old Duke of York”, an unfamiliar one to us!

grand old duke of york  

I had to look this rhyme up, since we are Afrikaans, we only learn the most popular English rhymes. But I realized we have this as a song on one of our cd’s! So, singing as we made this cute picture!

Firstly, my son made the prints with his fingers. I drew a hill with pencil so we’ll know where to place the prints:  fingerprints  
I drew the rest of the picture, the men’s hats, arms and legs. Plus the hill and clouds. I did the drawing just to show you the idea, but your kids can use their own creativity to fill in their picture.



My daughter was not very interested in crafting today, so it was just me and the 2.5 year old. He was very impressed with his little men picture, went to show daddy immediately!

  fingerprint craft  
A quick, fun craft to go along with our rhyme!

Come see how Messy Little Monster and Adventures of Adam learned about the Grand Old Duke of York rhyme!

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