Creative Challenge- Yarn

A new TinkerLab Creative Challenge was set: String! So put your thinking caps on and join us in the challenge!

string challenge

We used yarn instead, because we have so many yarn we use for all sorts of activities. So, the one day when the cousins came over, I took out the yarn container and asked them what they want to do with it. The oldest cousin suggested making pictures, and naturally the young ones agreed.

The process


Not only is this type of challenge good for developing creative thinking skills, problem solving is also a skill being developed because you let the child lead the activity, with not too much interference. And of course, with this craft, fine motor skills and hand eye coordination were used to execute the plan, so more skills are being developed!

The results

From a 4 year old(with SPD): snakes

From a 5 year old: a car and a rainbow

From a 7 and a half year old:



What fun! Why don’t you give your kids this challenge too, and feel free to add a photo to our Facebook page and link it up here!

If you’ve missed the last challenge, which was eggs, you can see it here!


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