Box Derby- Monster

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For a fundraiser effort, my daughter’s school held a box derby event. Each class had a theme, there were Smurfs, Turtles, Angry Birds, Under the Sea creatures, and their class was Monster’s Inc. And that was the motivation for this monster box.

Monster box

It was an easy enough concept, but it took a while to make all those balls with the tissue paper. Not to mention how one’s fine motor muscles have to work. Lella helped a little bit, and then the night before the event I had to call in the help of hubby and mother-in-law, because at that time my fingers could not squish any more balls!



I used a medium sized box, cut an opening at the bottom for L to fit through. Then the balls were rolled with the tissue paper, blue/turquoise with a few purple spots, just like Sully from Monsters Inc. (The first batch of blue got finished and then I could not find that exact shade again, that explains the two hues of blue.)


L Helping

Here Lella is helping.



I stuck plastic plates on as the wheels, but those came of at the race:( Note- rather make cardboard circles for wheels.
Oh, and another thing to remember in the future: add shoulder straps so that the box can hang on the shoulders rather they have to carry the box. L got very tired carrying it, so when the actual “race”(they just walked around the sports ground) started, her big cousin had to carry the one side of the box and L the other, otherwise she wouldn’t have walked the race!

Walking the box


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