Edible Cookie Stack Ornament

Baking cookies are a Christmas tradition for us here in South Africa. Giving homemade baked goods as gifts are common and this year I made it extra special: cookie stack ornaments!  edible cookie stack

We have a sugar cookie recipe called Soetkoekies that’s been passed from generation to generation. This recipe is the one I used to make these cute cookie ornaments. I gave these, wrapped in cellophane, to colleagues with the idea to hang it on the tree(wrapped) and eat it on Christmas Eve. Not sure how long it would be safe on the tree though, but it looks soooo cute!

Here is how it was made:

First different size star cookies were cut:

Then, holes were made. I used a piping nozzle to do that:

stars with holes
The cookies were baked and cooled. Afterwards, I used string to stack it:

A little bit of dusted icing sugar finished it off:


The cookie stacks were wrapped in cellophane:

Ready to be delivered!

A pretty and yummy gift to give this season!


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