DIY Ring Toss Game

It is time for the 3rd challenge of Project: Recycle & Create! This month we are challenged to use cardboard tubes(toilet paper rolls, kitchen towel rolls, gift wrapping inners etc.) and create with it!
If you’ve missed the previous two months challenges, you can click on these links to see them: Cardboard box


Ok, so we’ve re-used not only cardboard tubes, but paper plates and cardboard too;)
P.S If you don’t want to use toilet paper rolls, you could cut kitchen towel rolls to size.


Firstly the tubes, rings(I cut the middle out of the paper plates to make rings) and cardboard base were painted:


Then the tubes were stuck onto the base, and I added googly eyes to the middle one, and mouths to all the tubes, because we play that it is a monster who eats colours. The yellow dots were added just for fun!

This game can be played as a colour matching game, or one could use it as a number game, for example: shout out a colour and a number(5 and under)and the player must toss that number of rings onto that specific colour tube.

(Apologies for the blurry/action photos)


L(3.5yrs) found it quite challenging to get the rings over the tubes. She stood fairly close to get it right. W(13months) was fascinated by this colourful toy. I showed him how to place the ring over the tube, and he got it right after a few tries!

One could also use the tubes without the rings, for example: to sort coloured pompoms, big beads or craft sticks. Or when done playing, one could use it as an organizer for pencils/rulers/paintbrushes etc.


Have you created with cardboard tubes? Link up your posts below!



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