DIY Fine motor skills Toys

We love using recyclables in crafts and making fine motor skills toys out of it. We’re lucky to have a storeroom dedicated to recyclables and our crafts supplies and when I walk in there,(usually), the inspiration strikes!
Here are a few easy-to-make toys using recyclables. (it took me under an hour to make these, and hours of playtime still ahead). The cousins came over and we had a table set up with these toys, where they rotate between the activities. 
Here are the details:
This is an empty coffee container and pipe cleaners. I made holes in the lid and it’s good to play with. One can always let the kids decorate the tin;)
This is polistirene trays in which fruit or meat are packaged. I made a picture with the holes and they have to thread the wool through using a wool needle. (Lella had difficulty with this, still a bit young.)
This I actually made for baby, he loves pulling stuff. I used a cream container(one could use a toilet paper roll as well), made holes in, and thread the ribbon through, tied the ends so it would not slip out. I only used 4 ribbons, but one can use more. It is a bit tricky to get the ribbon through the one hole and out the other, I used a wool needle for that.
This tissue box we used as is, it is so pretty, and already have the ” posting” hole. We used lids of purity jars to post.
This is a few lids on a rope. Move it up and down the rope while counting or shake it to make a sound.
I simply made holes in the lids, and pulled the rope through.
Easy and inexpensive toys you can make yourself, older kids can make it, and the younger ones can help decorate!

Check in soon for more fun and playful activities!

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