Hands-on Long E Sorting Activity


When your child has consolidated his/her basic alphabet knowledge and is familiar with common blends and digraphs, it is time to move on to the more difficult sounds that has more than one option. This hands-on long E sorting activity is a fun way to show the different options for the long E sound. Adapt this idea to any other sound too! Our grade 3's are focusing on the long 'e' sound this week and our learners(each one has a learning difficulty of sorts) learn best with hands-on … [Continue reading...]

Little Spelling Box


I am sharing another little hack I found that  helps when doing revision of spelling words for homework: this little spelling box! Building words with foam letters are so much more fun than ordinary letter cards! I made a Little Maths Box the other day to practice sums, and then I had more little boxes and decided to make ones for spelling too.  All you need is: Small box(soap box) similar to this one Foam Numbers Small dot stickers  First, I made a CVC … [Continue reading...]

Ways to Make Maths Homework Fun


Homework is not always fun(or never for some kids). Help your child(and yourself) to make it fun and an enjoyable activity once again. Here are some really fun ways to make math homework (or class work) not just a chore! Put together a box to help with sums like this Little Maths Box that uses pompoms and […]

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Easter Egg Patterns Busy Box


Busy boxes are great when you need to pull out an activity quickly, at home or on the go! We have quite a collection by now, check it out HERE! Make this Easter egg pattern busy box before Easter and have fun “decorating” the egg and work on patterns too! Patterning is a pre-writing activity. […]

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Missing Letters Clip Sticks


Today I have another frugal literacy tool for you to make when working on identifying certain sounds in words with your children: missing letter clip sticks! These clip sticks are great because you can adapt it to whatever you need at that point in time. We are working on vowel sounds and identifying it as […]

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