Dinosaur Hunt

Dinosaur Hunt

This week we are playing with all things starting with the letter D in the A-Z of Play at Home Series! D is for Dinosaur Hunt! This Dinosaur Hunt is such a simple, but enjoyable game! Simply hide the dinosaurs in the garden(or in the house) and go hunting for them! It was a lovely Autumn afternoon so we took our game outside. We took turns to hide the dinosaurs around the garden. I don't know if the kids found that more fun than actually finding the dinos, lol! After the toys had been … [Continue reading...]

LEGO Spinner Pencil Topper

Lego Spinner pencil topper

My 4 year old(yes, FOUR year old) asked for a spinner today! I am sure he saw it at school, but there is no way I would buy him one after the horrendous stories I heard. But that got me thinking into making a DIY version(This one is great!) which led me to play around a little bit and I made this mini LEGO spinner, perfect as a pencil topper. Fidgets are great for kids that need to keep busy to concentrate(it can be distracting to some, so be careful). Make this easy mini spinner to put … [Continue reading...]

Cars and Clothespins Roads

Cars and Clothespins

This week we are playing with all things starting with the letter C as part of our A-Z of Play at Home Series– our quest for less screen time, frugal fun at home and less “I’m bored” conversations! We played with Cars, making Roads on the Carpet with Clothespins! This cars and clothespins idea is purely […]

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Pirates Busy Box

Pirate Felt Busy box

Arrrrrr! My name is Jack Sparrow, Captain Jack Sparrow… Today we have a pirate busy box idea! How fun! I reused some pieces of the Ocean Busy Box, hence the scale difference, and added a pirate ship and a pirate. The pirate even has a sword! Afterwards, I realized what was missing: a treasure chest with […]

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Ways to Play with Cut Up Pool Noodles

We have a community project coming up where we will be making toys for an adoption home. I thought about using pool noodles since it is something every learner at our school can donate since it is inexpensive and then we can use it as toys in a variety of ways for different age groups. Here […]

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Easy Flower Cookies

Flower cookies

I have this easy, but pretty cookie idea for you today: flower cookies! These cookies make great gifts too, think teacher appreciation or Mother’s Day gifts, sorted! You don’t need any fancy baking equipment to bake these fun flower cookies. You only need a flower cookie cutter and a shallow tartlet pan. Make your favourite sugar cookie recipe(THIS is […]

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