Ordering Numbers Fishing Game


It's rhymetime! This week we are learning the rhyme '1,2,3,4,5, once I caught a fish alive...'! We played with a magnetic fishing game I whipped up in less than 10 minutes!    The cute fishies were made from, guess it...paper clips! This is how:   I added some numbered stickers to the fish, and also to the paper. The idea is to find ("fish")for the fish and place it in the right numerical order.        Adding a sensory element to learning makes the … [Continue reading...]

Kid Sayings on Wood Chips Photo Frame


One thing I am obsessed passionate about, is remembering my kids like they are at each stage of their life. One cannot possibly remember everything, even though one would like to, so I vowed to write down some of it. With this photo frame, I started to write down cute sayings, or rather mispronounced words at two years, around this recent photo. Writing it on wood chips makes this photo frame so pretty! It is really easy to make. You need a photo, a piece of strong cardboard 5cm bigger than … [Continue reading...]

Tracking: Hide-and-Seek Indoor Game


Today we are joining in A-Z Rainy Day Activities. Here you will find 26 fun indoor game or activities to do with your kids on days that you cannot play outside. Read on to understand our fun tracking hide-n-seek game!    I chose four favourite soft toys, with distinctly different paws. I drew the “tracks” on […]

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Old McDonald Farm Animal Puppets


It’s Rhyme Time! Last week we had fun making teapot magnets to go with the rhyme ‘I’m a Liitle Teapot”.  This week we have the rhyme ‘Old McDonald’, and who doesn’t love that rhyme? We made cute farm animal puppets from wooden picnic spoons:    What you need: – Wooden spoons (It can be the picnic […]

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