How to make slime


So we have made DIY slime before and loved it, but I wanted to play around with different glues this time. We do not get Elmers glue here in South Africa, but I have found two types of glue that works(and one that does not), yay! This is the recipe that uses Borax(a powder used for cleaning), so note that is NOT to be eaten! Ingredients to make about 500ml of slime (blue links are Amazon links) 1 cup of glue(I have used Bostik white glue, almost like Elmers and clear office paste, … [Continue reading...]

Countdown to Christmas


Can you believe it is almost Christmas again? Time to start thinking about how you will make this Christmas memorable...We have started a tradition of counting down to Christmas with little surprise bags each day starting on the 1st of December. We had these paper bags hanging from a string near our Christmas tree one year, and last year I made this rustic farmhouse style advent calendar with fun stuff to do too! This year we are combining the bag idea, but it is filled with activities, … [Continue reading...]

Christmas Tray Activities


Christmas is fast approaching and that means you can start with al kinds of Christmassy activities! These Christmas tray activities are easy to set up and your toddler or preschooler will love it!  We have done these tray activities in the past, I will however add more soon. Click on the blue link to go […]

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Wonderful Word Building Ideas


My official title(after mommy) is remedial therapist. In short it means I work with students at a remedial school that have learning difficulties. The difficulties range from children on the spectrum, to dyslexic children to ADHD and so forth. Most of the students I see need help in literacy(although I do see some for math […]

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Spooky Handprint & Photo Keepsake


It is another month- October, and time for another handprint and photo keepsake! (We have quite a collection by now) This month it is a spooky one!  So, we used our salt dough recipe we always use: 1 cup of salt with 1 cup of flour, mixed with half a cup of water.  This was flattened […]

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100 Chart Race-to-Win Counting Game


Today I am sharing a (very) low prep math activity- 100 chart race-to-win counting game!   The main objectives with this game is to work on counting and counting using a 100 chart. A lot of times young learners encounter these problems when introduced to a number chart: do not know how to use a […]

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