Monogram Perler Bead Key Ring


I used to love designing with my set of perler beads as a kid. Only thing was: afterwards it got broken up, and put away, after all that hard work! I never knew one can melt it together to keep your design! This time I knew better, and we made monogram key rings, one can keep! I made the above one for my son. At 2.5 years, he will not be able to do this himself. My daughter (5yrs) started her own one, but it is quite hard, so I finished it off. It is great for fine motor skills though! … [Continue reading...]

Alphabet Soup Learn and Play


Learning coupled with play makes learning so much more fun for children. Hands on activities like this Alphabet Soup activity is one of those activities: learning takes place while playing, and children don't even realize it! I tried this activity with an eight year old autistic boy I see in therapy. He work with me and enjoyed the activity while learning too. We used our small foam alphabet letters to build some words: And place the letters into alphabetical order, while singing the alphabet … [Continue reading...]

Incy Wincy Spider Pipecleaner Craft


It is Rhyme Time! The last time we learned the rhyme ‘The Wheels of the Bus’ and made a bus from recyclables. This week our rhyme is….Incy Wincy Spider, or some say Itsy Bitsy Spider! We made spiders from pipecleaners and beads!    What you need: Pipecleaners Beads Googly eyes Red craft foam Glue Clear string […]

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Low-prep Conjuctions Lesson


Some days you just need a low-prep activity. This low-prep conjunctions lesson was perfect for the grade 3’s I see as a class for creative writing group. Before the students can be expected to write a creative paragraph or story, they need to have the basic knowledge of sentence construction down. (In this lesson the Gr.4’s worked […]

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South African Custard Cookies


My grandmother used to make these custard cookies, needless to say, it is an old time favourite!    Ingredients 250g butter/margarine  150g (10 tablespoons) sugar(icing sugar will give a finer texture to the cookie) 90g (6 tablespoons) custard powder 20ml (4 teaspoons) baking powder  750 g (3 cups) flour(cake/all purpose) 2 eggs (mixed till fluffy) […]

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Sensory Bin Setups


Sensory play is one of those activities my children enjoy tremendously. We have played with different fillers and different tools. Some of our sensory bins had themes, others were simply put together to develop skills like fine motor skills too!     Sensory play has many benefits. My daughter is a sensory seeker (SPD), so for her, […]

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Learn with Play Activities Book


I have some exciting news to share today: a new book has just been released! An awesome activity book called Learn with Play Activities Book with 150+ activities written by awesome kid bloggers from all over the world(including me)!  This book includes 150+ fun ideas divided up into General Play/ Arts & Crafts Activities, Early Childhood Education, […]

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