Penguin Felt Busy Box


Remember all these fantastic felt busy box ideas? I'm adding to the collection every now and again and today it is a Mix and Match Penguin busy box! Again, I used a plastic lunch/snack box with flip lid( similar to This one) to add these bits and pieces in. The lid is lined with a light blue felt piece. I used some black, white and yellowish-orange felt for Mr Penguin. And large-ish googly eyes: I cut these free handedly looking at a picture of a penguin. I promise I will make … [Continue reading...]

Pipecleaner Hearts Crown


Whether your little princess wants to wear a crown or she wants her doll to have a pretty crown, this simple pipecleaner hearts crown is perfect to make one afternoon! You simply need a few pipecleaners to make this crown. I used 5 white, 2 dark pink pipecleaners and one light pink one. Here's the how-to: Per heart: Bend the pipecleaner in half and twist it. Then bend the pipecleaner like a heart. Tie the ends together. (A plier makes this easier, but you don't need to use … [Continue reading...]

Fingerprint Heart Garland Photo Frame


I do love a good keepsake gift, and this fingerprint heart garland photo frame is exactly that! I used the idea of our Fingerprint Lights Photo Frame and adapted this fingerprint photo frame to fit with a Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day theme. Materials A batch of red salt dough(equal parts of salt and flour with half […]

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Survive(and enjoy) theme parks with your SPD child


Over the December holidays we traveled to the States to visit Orlando and friends in DC. While planning this amazing vacation I had numerous times thought that we were crazy traveling so far and planning to visit loud theme parks with our 6 year old Sensory Processing Disorder  child. How will she(and us) survive AND […]

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Production Break


Dear Readers, We will take a “production” break during December. We will be traveling to the USA(super exciting!) for my birthday and also for our 10 year wedding anniversary! We will be taking the kids to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse at Disney World and also visit friends in Washington DC. You can follow our […]

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