Monster Crafts and Mega Giveaway

Monster Crafts

Whoo-hoo! It’s here: a MEGA Cash Giveaway! AND 16 Monster Kids Crafts & Activities to try out!   These Carmel Apple Monsters by Meaningful Mama looks too yummy to eat. Talking about eating, Picnic Fork Monsters by Teach me Mommy are an easy to make craft for preschoolers. These Rock Monsters by Rubber boots and […]

Beach Themed Playdough

Beach themed microwave playdough

Did you know it is International Playdough Day today? Therefor I am sharing our newest batch of dough: beach themed microwave dough! We are continuing our preschool theme ‘Under the Sea’, and I thought to make a playdough that will fit the theme. So I tweaked our normal microwave recipe a bit to get this […]

Our Week: Under the Sea Theme


This past week was a fun learning week(even though teacher had laryngitis, and teaching without a voice was quite difficult) with the theme ‘Under the Sea’! The challenge was set to turn the school into the ocean within the two weeks of doing the theme. So, together with the crafts we make to pretty up […]

Jelly Fish Recycle Craft


This month we are joining in Project: Recycle & Create and the material we have to use is bags, plastic or brown bags. We chose plastic bags(since we have so many and need to recycle them) and made a jelly fish! We are having the theme ‘Ocean’ at school next week and will be decorating […]

Our Week: Spring Theme


Oh how I love Spring! And with the Spring theme one can make such beautiful crafts! Like this handprint tree, with pink fingerprints as blossoms. The kids made a Spring card for someone special from a white cupcake liner dipped into yellow paint and glitter for the centre. We prettied up our classroom by making […]

Sensory Bin Challenge: Flour and Oil


Time for another Sensory Bin Challenge! This month we are exploring flour and oil, aka cloud dough or moon sand. I used 2kg cake flour and just winged it with the cooking oil until we got the texture of wet-ish beach sand. One could use any type of flour and oil, even baby oil(that smells […]

Our Week: Farming Theme 2

Corn Craft

This past week we talked a bit more about Farming, just like last week, but focusing more on the products that come from different farms. As a class project, the kids looked for fruit and vegetable pictures in magazines, and had to decide where it grows on the farm: in trees, on plants above the […]

Our Week: Farming 1


This past week our theme was Farming, so is the next, so I divided up the discussions: this week we talked about animal farms and animals that live on a farm, the next week we will talk about other types of farms and farm products. We talked about the difference between wild animals and farm […]

Our Week: People who help us Theme 2


This week we continued with the theme: People who help us. We had lots of visitors this week too, so our normal program was changed up a bit, thus we did not do a lot of crafts and other activities like usual. We had a visit(and colour hair spray) from a hairdresser, the police and […]

Our Week: People Who Help Us Theme 1


Our theme for this week(and the next) is ‘People Who Help Us’. This theme can be very wide so I categorized it into people who help us: – at school(teachers, school bus drivers, cleaners, coaches) – at home(parents, grandparents, housekeeper/maid) – when we are sick(doctors, nurses, ambulance, dentists) – when we are in danger(police, fire […]