Punch Art Monogram Canvas


Today is Project: Recycle & Create day and we are reusing scrap paper! We made these lovely punch art monogram canvasses that will go on the kids' bedroom doors. We used cut-offs from scrap book paper, blue hues for my boy and pink hues for my girl(I know, so predictable, but that is what we had on hand) together with a heart punch and flower punch. I wrote the initial on the canvas while they did the punching. Did you know punching is great for hand strengthening too! Then came the … [Continue reading...]

Awesome Early Years Bundle


This is one awesome early years bundle deal! I *think* I will have to go buy a whole stack of paper, because I want to print all of these and use it for my own kids. Now, this bundle sale is available until 10 September AND it is only $29.99(valued at over $400!) and includes  54 titles! Detailed information of each Title Back To School Teacher's Pack Grade 1-3, grade 1-6 Back To School Teacher's Pack contains of: - Banner to decorating your classroom - Bookmark to give to your … [Continue reading...]

Emoji Lacing Plates


I have another fun DIY lacing idea for you, perfect for preschoolers: emoji lacing plates! This is super quick to make, and great for little fingers to work with. You need: Small paper plates Emoji stickers Hole punch String Punch holes all around the plate, even numbers: Add emoji stickers to the holes, in pairs: […]

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South African Banana Bread


Today I am sharing another delicious, traditional South African recipe: Banana Bread!    Most South Africans love banana bread. I for one love all things sweet. I have shared my favourite Lemon Meringue Tart recipe and Milk Tart recipe previously. Today it is the banana brea recipe! It is an easy recipe, easy enough for kids to help […]

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Top 10 Backyard Learning Activities for Preschoolers


Today I searched for the top 10, that means the coolest, awesomest, most fun learning activities you can have outside, right there in your backyard!    Scavenger hunts are great fun outdoors. Have a ABC Letter Hunt, great for letter recognition and burning off energy too! Water guns are fun to use for measuring activities or painting with different colours to explore colour […]

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Following Audio Instructions Outside


Use technology for this fun outdoor activity: following audio instructions!     My daughter is at that age where she loves playing around with a phone. This techno-generation! We could discourage it or, we could use it for learning!  We used the recording option on the phone. I recorded a short series of instruction at first, […]

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Vowel Clip Strips 


So your class(child) knows his/her letters, but what they might not know yet, is to differentiate between vowels and consonants. This is important to know since they will probably hear those terms often throughout their schooling years. These vowel clip strips are great to use as a whole class teaching tool!   First, how to make […]

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ABC’s and 123’s Fun Book


Today’s a great day! Why? Because today a brand new book is released(one I have co-authored), a book you and your kids will absolutely adore! Why you and your children will love this book:  All the activities in the book are FUN! Every activity has been tried, tested and approved by our children. The activities […]

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