Missing Letters Clip Sticks


Today I have another frugal literacy tool for you to make when working on identifying certain sounds in words with your children: missing letter clip sticks! These clip sticks are great because you can adapt it to whatever you need at that point in time. We are working on vowel sounds and identifying it as a medial sound, which is very tricky for some kids. But, you can make sticks that are missing initial sounds, or final sounds, or even blends, digraphs etc. the possibilities are … [Continue reading...]

Counting with Robots


We did some fun counting, but not just counting, counting with robots! Learning while playing is the best way to learn, and that is exactly what this activity is about. My 4 year old boy took out the robot toys and used one robot to count a number line. We used our upcycled spool chalk table to write a number line. The robot then counted while moving forwards and backwards. Then, I drew six circles(because we have six robots) and played that the robots were put into jail. The number one … [Continue reading...]

Whiteboard Hack for Maths Activities


My daughter started grade 1 this year, and so homework has started for her(us) now too! While the language part comes naturally for her, maths is another matter. She is a concrete learner(very much appropriate for her age), and that is why I came up with this simple whiteboard hack to help with maths activities. […]

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Synonyms & Antonyms Sticks


Use craft sticks to make synonym and antonym sticks to use while teacher kids language, vocabulary and creative writing skills! I simply used a variety of words and wrote it on craft sticks. One sticks has two words, synonyms, back and front. Then I used those words to write the antonyms of(but also two antonyms […]

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