Measuring Distance with Water Guns


Need an outdoor activity that is loads of fun, but educational too? This is it! My kids had a blast with this fun distance measuring game using water guns!     (Affiliate links included for your convenience) We used our water guns, polystyrene cups and a measuring tape . My almost 6 year old helped to measure the distance between the cups. The cups were marked 1m to 5m, so she had to find the 1m on the tape(which is actually 1000cm, incidental teaching moment there) and place … [Continue reading...]

Garden Felt Busy Box


I have another felt busy box idea for you! This time it is a garden themed busy box!   (Affiliate links included for your convenience) After I made the Ocean Busy Box, I needed to make another one because I have two kids, and they each need one, right? Well, I'll take any excuse to get creative! I used a lunch box again and different colours of felt:   I added a dark green piece to fit into the lid. Again,  didn't glue it down, then we could change it up if needs … [Continue reading...]

Top Ten Flower Recycle Crafts


This month’s top ten theme is Flowers! I found ten awesome flowers made from recyclables to share with you today! These craft will cost next to nothing to make(since it comes out of the recycle bin) and will make great gifts too(teachers will definitely appreciate any of these)!    (In no particular order) TP Roll […]

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Pompom Cupcake Pencil Topper


Is this pompom cupcake pencil topper not just too adorable? Super easy to make too, let the kids make their own!    (Affiliate links included for your convenience) What you need: Mini cupcake liner Large pompom(that fit into the cupcake liner) Smaller red pompom as a cherry Pencil Glue   Glue the big pompom to […]

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Patience Pills Gift


Know a teacher(am a teacher) that will adore this fun gift? Patience pills! Perhaps it is just the cute glass container, but I am totally in love with this cute teacher appreciation gift(and would not mind it myself)! You could use any type of glass container and any type of small sweets. (I got these […]

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CVC Words Sensory Bag


Today I am sharing a fun CVC Words Sensory Bag idea, perfect for practicing spelling your CVC words! With this sensory bag, spelling and sensory meet, and that is so important: involving more senses to learn, thus following a multisensory approach. Needless to say, my sensory seeker love this! What you need:  Thick plastic bag(Ziploc […]

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