Straws & Pipecleaners Fireworks Wand


Even though we are not in the US, all the red and blue I see lately on social media in preparation of the 4th of July celebrations, inspired this straws and pipecleaners fireworks wand!  One can change up the colours to fit any "theme". For this craft we used red and blue straws and white pipecleaners(silver would be better, but I did not have any on hand). Bend the three pipecleaners into the "fireworks" star, as seen in the photo below: This craft is perfect opportunity to develop … [Continue reading...]

Minion Handprint Craft


Have you seen the new Minion Movie yet? We are eagerly awaiting for it to start showing here in South Africa. It is the first time we will attemp to take our two to the movies! We love the minions in Despicable Me and had some fun making a minion handprint craft!    Handprint craft is such fun, one can make almost anything from a handprint. We made some Giraffes, Dinosaurs and Superdad prints before. Today it is a minion! This is quite simple, you do not … [Continue reading...]

Silly Sentence Sticky Sticks


Part of my job is to teach grade 3’s and grade 4’s to write: sentences, paragraphs and stories. I made these Sticky Sticks awhile ago for preschoolers, but turned it into silly sentence sticky sticks for a lesson on sentence structure.  I simply added words to the sticky sticks: nouns(person/animal), verbs, adverbs(which we used later on), place […]

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Five Little Ducks Finger Puppets


It is Rhyme Time again! This week we are learning the rhyme: Five Little Ducks! We made some cute finger puppets to go along with the rhyme!    We used circle cut outs from corrugated card board for the ducks(ok, it looks more like chicks) finger puppets. Together with googly eyes, craft foam triangle beaks […]

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Easy Fudge


I’ve been asked to share this easy fudge recipe I always use, so here goes:    It is easy because you do not need a thermometer and it is almost impossible to flop! I’ve tried different types of fudge recipes, some microwave ones too, but this one is really the best. It tastes like the […]

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