Playdough Pizza Pretend Play

Pizza pretend play

Welcome back to another week of play, play at home that is! We are at the letter P in our A-Z Play at Home Series and this week we had fun with Playdough Pizza Pretend Play! We were fortunate enough to have received this totally awesome Playdoh kit so it did not cost us anything(the aim of this series)! You can, however, use whatever you have too. A round plate can make the pizza base, small red circles can be tomatoes, brown circles can be pepperoni, longs yellow strings can be cheese … [Continue reading...]

Scarecrow Busy Box

Scarecrow busy box

We have quite a collection of Felt Busy Boxes by now and also have written an Ebook called 14 Fun Felt Busy Box Ideas, with templates, check it out! Today, I have yet another fun felt busy box idea for you: a scarecrow busy box! Remember you can also use these felt cutouts on your felt story board, it does not have to stay in a box like ours. We do like our busy boxes because it is handy to keep in the car. You will need: Various felt … [Continue reading...]

Sentence Sticks

Sentence sticks

Using popsicle or craft sticks make learning more fun.(See ideas here) These sentence sticks work great to teach the parts of a sentence/speech: verbs, nouns, adjectives etc. Use it to make silly sentences or real sentences too! I simply wrote starter words, adjectives, nouns, verbs and adverbs on craft sticks. Then added some Washi tape, […]

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Floating Eggsperiment


Do this simple floating “eggsperiment” with your young kids to explain water density and add a little science “magic” to your day!    You will need:  2 glasses  2 eggs Water spoons salt And two willing scientistsūüėÜ The most rewarding thing to see is how children experience something for the first time. Sometimes, adults take […]

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Naming Game

For this weeks A-Z Play at Home  activity starting  with the letter N, I will be sharing a game we like to play wherever: in the car, in the bath, waiting in line at the shops… It is simply called the Naming Game. I made this printable that you can use with a spinner. The printable […]

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Afrikaanse Alfabet Kaarte(Alphabet Cards)

Afrikaanse Alfabet Kaarte

Afrikaanse alfabet kaarte! A bit of a different post, this one, because it is (mostly) for our Afrikaans readers! However, you can use these alphabet cards to teach Afrikaans as an additional language! Origin of Afrikaans(Wikipedia): “It is the first language of most of the Afrikaners and Coloureds of Southern Africa. Although Afrikaans has adopted […]

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