Bright Tissue Paper Flower Craft


One afternoon my daughter(actually) asked for something to make(she's not often keen on structured activities)! So, I had to think of something quick and with what we have on hand. She made this bright tissue paper flower!     But first, a little bit of exploring drawing with circles. This is great for children, it takes some skill to trace around a circular object, an this was the perfect opportunity to practice that skill. We used two different sizes:    She chose … [Continue reading...]

Teapot Fingerprint Magnet


It's Rhyme Time! This week we are doing activities and crafts around the rhyme 'I'm a Little Teapot'. We love this rhyme, and usually sings it too, so it was the perfect for us to make these super special teapot fingerprint magnets, and it is just in time for Mother's Day too!   We made these from salt dough, and painted it with nail polish. You see, we were on vacation, and did not take much crafting supplies with us, so we had to make do with what we had. Nevertheless, it came out so … [Continue reading...]

Sight Word Popsicle Stick Game


Do you have coloured popsicle sticks? Use them to learn sight words with this fun DIY game!    Sight words are words that are presented in the English language frequently. I have found lists here. I simply wrote a the second grade Dolch sight words onto popsicle sticks. You can make different sets with the different […]

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Balance Scale from Recyclables


Happy Earth Day! In celebration of Earth Day, we made a balance scale from recyclables. We are also joining AllterNATIVElearning in an Earth Day Blog Hop, so be sure to check out the rest of the awesome posts shared there!   A while back we made a real play garden, and and this balance scale from recyclables to […]

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10 Learning Activities using Pom Poms


Today we are joining the series Learn with Your Craft Stash, where a group of bloggers will show you how you can use craft supplies for learning too! Today’s craft supply: Pom Poms.       Edit Pom Poms are great for Fine Motor Play. Use spoons, clothespins or tweezers to manipulate the pom poms, and develop those […]

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