The A-Z Play at Home Series

I have a super fun series starting the first week of May: The A-Z Play at Home Series! Perhaps you need ideas to keep your kids happily playing at home, and/or you are having a few weeks of staycation coming up and dreading the "I'm bored!" conversations. Well, this series is just for you then! The idea is to use whatever you have at home to play with it in a new exciting way. This will mean less screen time and frugal fun, two great reasons to play along! We will start at Letter A and do an … [Continue reading...]

5 Ways to Make Learning the Alphabet Fun

Fun learning

Today I am sharing 5 ways, but in actual fact it is 7 ways, to make learning the alphabet fun! Why seven? Because we have seven senses and when you involve all your senses in the learning process, it is so much more fun! Our basic senses are: Taste, Touch, Hear, Sight and Smell. Then we also rely on Proprioception or Body Awareness and Vestibular or Movement senses to learn. When we use more than one sense at a time to learn, it is called multi sensory learning. In fact, the more sense … [Continue reading...]

Unicorn Felt Page

Unicorn Felt page

Don’t you just love unicorns? They are such mythical creatures, full of magic! Today my blogging buddies and I are sharing all kinds of unicorn learning activities and I made this unicorn felt page, perfect for fine motor practice! To make this felt page you will need: White felt sheet Light blue felt sheet Coloured […]

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Traditional South African Bobotie


Bobotie(pronounced as boa-boo-tie) is a traditional South African dish, similar to baked meatloaf, spiced with curry. Its origin is believed to have come from our Dutch ancestors, with a Malaysian flair. It is one of my favourite dishes to make with minced meat. This Bobotie recipe is a simple variation of the more traditional one […]

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Learning Activities using Craft Sticks

Craft sticks (or you can recycle real popsicle sticks) are frugal learning tools you can use for all kinds of fun learning activities. Here are 15 clever learning activities using craft sticks! Learn about the Days of the Week using 7 coloured crafts sticks. Teach your kids about synonyms and antonyms with Synonyms and Antonyms Sticks. Your older will […]

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Playdough Letter Mazes

Letter mazes

Today it is all about playdough AND letters with this fun playdough letter mazes idea! Keep it simple with little ones or turn it into a challenge for older kids.  Read on to learn more… With these playdough letter mazes, multi sensory learning takes place, perfect for young kids! You will need: Playdough(we make our […]

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Learning Activities using Recyclables

Learning with recyclables

Since it is Earth Day month this month, I put together 28 ideas on how to use recyclables for learning activities. There are many more ideas around the web, but these are some of our favourites, tried and loved! Make letter recognition fun with a letter hunt using newspaper.Use egg carton as building blocks or use it to […]

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Upper & Lower Case Egg Hunt

Egg hunt

Another fun idea, just in time for Easter! Have an egg hunt, have an upper and lower case egg hunt! What fun learning! My kids love hunts, egg hunts specifically around Easter time. We made these letter eggs to match up upper and lower case and spell words too! Materials we used: Polystyrene eggs(but you […]

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