Hopscotch with Number Mats


This week we are at Letter H in our A-Z of Play at Home Series and we played hopscotch with our foam number mats! We used our foam number mats for this hopscotch activity, but you can simple use chalk outside to draw numbers in blocks and play that way. My 7 year old packed out the numbers first so that it looks like hopscotch similar to what they have at school. (The 2 and 3 should technically swop around, though). They they hopped, one leg, two legs, one leg...My eldest … [Continue reading...]

Easy Trolls Cupcakes

Trolls cupcakes

It's my daughter's seventh birthday day today! Whoa, where has time gone? She wanted Trolls cupcakes for school, so we made Trolls cupcakes for school, 30 of them! So cute, don't you think? First, please note that working with cotton candy is dangerous, lol! More gets eaten than anything else! Oh, important: and it does not keep long, so I suggest to only add the cotton candy last minute. (I did it an hour and a half before school and it already started to melt/fade away by … [Continue reading...]

Grocery Store Pretend Play

Grocery store

G is for Grocery Store! We have been playing grocery store/shop because our local supermarket has a promotion where you receive mini branded toys(lifelike mini groceries) to collect. And it is awesome! I already have a few ideas on how to use these minis for other learning activities, but for today I’ll share how we set […]

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Touch & Feel Colour Cards

Touch & Feel Colour Cards

In a non-planned Touch & Feel series, these touch & feel colour cards idea is the final post. And how fabulous are they? We have Shapes, Counting and Letters Touch and Feel cards, and now we have colours as well! These cards are great for kids from toddler age and up. My 7 year old sensory seeker still loves to […]

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Follow the Footprints

Follow the footprints

Get the kids outside with this fun follow the footprints activity!  We are at Letter f in our A-Z Play at Home Series and this activity was perfect- easy setup and educational entertainment guaranteed! Simply head outside, armed with two colours of chalk, and draw footprints! I started off with easy footprints: the way we walk. One […]

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Adjectives & Adverbs Sticks

Adjectives and adverbs sticks

Using sticks for teaching literacy concepts is just brilliant. Learners find it more interesting than flashcards, although it serves the same purpose. I have used Subject and Predicate sticks and Synonyms and Antonyms sticks before with success and made these adjectives and adverbs sticks to teach our grade 2’s this past week. Making these teaching sticks are so easy: […]

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Touch & Feel Letters

Touch Feel Letters

Our Touch & Feel Shapes and Touch & Feel Counting Cards were HUGE hits with my kids and with followers, so I made touch and feel letter cards too! (Newest addition: Touch & Feel Colour Cards) These letter cards are perfect to teach letter formation if you add little arrows(to show direction) and/or use it with Rhymes like Teaching Mama did. We […]

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