Benefits of Messy Sensory Play

Benefits of messy sensory play

Sensory play can sometimes be messy, and most of the time the more messy, the more fun! And it is not just about fun, it has so many benefits. What can be so benificial to getting dirty you may ask? Let me explain: All children(and adults) have sensory needs: through our senses we make sense(excuse […]

Our Week: Celebrations Theme 2


This week we talked a bit more about celebrations(in between practicing for our Christmas concert, so we have less time for in-class activities as usual). We covered New Year’s Celebrations, Valentine’s Day and Easter. Crafts These fire crackers were made by the kids by cutting a rectangle, triangle and another rectangle with small triangles cut […]

Our Week: Celebrations Theme 1

Balloon Collage Craft

We are back after a week of school holidays, and ready for the last term! This week our theme was Celebrations, and we mainly focussed our discussions and activities on birthday celebrations and weddings. Our Crafts This balloon collage craft was great for practicing scissors skills: I made oval prints on the back of old […]

Messy Kids- Understanding The Reason Behind The Mess

Understanding the reason behind the mess

As part of the series Decoding Everyday Kid Behaviours, and to celebrate Sensory Processing Awareness month, I am sharing today our “messy” story and give a few tips for those of you whom can relate to having a messy child. I have a messy kid, and I am not a lover of mess myself! As […]

Spider Recycle Craft

Spider Recycle craft

This month we are joining in again in Project: Recycle & Create and the recycling material for this month is food containers. We used a fruit container to make this cute spider! We will be reading this book: “The Forgetful Spider”, next week, and will be using it as a prop. Material used: – Black […]

Our Week: Pollution Theme 2

Recycled Bird Feeder

Last week we talked about pollution, so to extend the subject we talked about reduce, reuse and recycle. Our crafts were all made from recycled material: These bird feeders were made from plastic soda bottles. We used 500 ml or 1 liter bottles which I cut it for the kids. They pushed through old pencils […]

Sensory Bin Challenge- Corn


It is Time! Time for yet another Sensory Bin Challenge, and this months material is corn! Why play with Sensory Bins?Sensory bins are a great tool for kids to experience the feeling of different kinds of materials. This is especially nice for the tactile seeking kids. It has a calming effect, helps to expand attention […]

Our Week: Pollution Theme

Other activities

This past 4-day week(we had a public holiday Heritage Day) we talked about pollution. The different kinds pollution: air, land, water, noise, how it happens, and how to prevent it. We have a competition where each class must make posters on this subject, and our class worked on four posters in the four groups. To […]

Easy Flower Pencil Topper


For our school’s craft day I am making these easy flower pencil toppers! You do not have to be very “crafty” to put these together, and older kids can make it themselves! What you need: – a pencil – a green pipe cleaner – 5 or 6 shorter coloured pipe cleaners(I cut one pipe cleaner […]

Our Week: Under the Sea Theme 2

Paper Plate Fish Bowl

During another fun-filled week we talked a bit more about life under sea and different ocean animals. We learned about aquariums too, and how to look after a pet fish. We worked for half of the week on this fish bowl craft, painting the background first, adding the cellophane “plants” and rice “gravel”. The last […]