Weaved Plastic Bag Doormat


It's is Project Recycle & Create time and today we are reusing plastic bags! Although I *try* to remember to take shopping bags with me when I go to the shop, I sometimes forget so we do end up with plastic bags. Some I send to school(they use it too) and some I recycle like we did with this cute jelly fish and fun cheering pompoms. Today I'm showing you how to make a doormat! I wish I had different colour plastic bags, think it would look nicer. This doormat is used at our backdoor for … [Continue reading...]

Muffin Tin Spelling Game


This muffin tin spelling game is super fun and a great way to practice spelling CVC, CVCC or CCVC words. It can be played individually or with more players. What you need: You can play with foam letters(like us), letter cards or magnetic letters. You can use upper or lower case letters. You can use an egg carton of you don't have a muffin too! How to play(assuming two or more are playing): One player chooses letters to add to the tin for the next player. The only rule here is that … [Continue reading...]

Fabulous Fall Keepsakes


I have found some fabulous, Top Ten  Fall keepsakes for you, perfect to preserve precious memories! (And keep on reading to see what awesome giveaway there is today!) First up, our latest salt dough keepsake: Apple Handprint & Photo Keepsake. Precious because you have a photo AND a handprint all in one! Next up, another fab […]

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Apple Handprint & Photo Keepsake


It is time for this month’s keepsake, and since a lot of our readers are going back to school soon, this APPLE keepsake is perfect! Perfect to capture the little hand AND photo of a first day in a certain grade!  See more fab Fall Keepsakes HERE! As always I have used 1 cup of flour(all […]

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Pencil Toppers & Holders for Kids


What is more fun than to make your own stationery for a new school year?! Here are 20 FUN pencil toppers and pencil holder ideas kids can make themselves! Use Felt to make cute animals or apples pencil toppers! Pompoms are great to use as well: see these pretty Pompom Flowers, Pompom Cupcakes and Bunnies! Use pipecleaners like this Easy Flower pencil […]

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DIY Weighted Blanket


I have wanted to make a weighted blanket for my sensory seeker for a looooong time…I have finally done it! With a ready-made comforter duvet! I had three reasons for using a ready made comforter: We already had it- frugal. She is familiar with it already. Easier to use a ready made than to make […]

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