Sensory Bin Challenge: Flour and Oil


Time for another Sensory Bin Challenge! This month we are exploring flour and oil, aka cloud dough or moon sand. I used 2kg cake flour and just winged it with the cooking oil until we got the texture of wet-ish beach sand. One could use any type of flour and oil, even baby oil(that smells […]

Our Week: Farming Theme 2

Corn Craft

This past week we talked a bit more about Farming, just like last week, but focusing more on the products that come from different farms. As a class project, the kids looked for fruit and vegetable pictures in magazines, and had to decide where it grows on the farm: in trees, on plants above the […]

Our Week: Farming 1


This past week our theme was Farming, so is the next, so I divided up the discussions: this week we talked about animal farms and animals that live on a farm, the next week we will talk about other types of farms and farm products. We talked about the difference between wild animals and farm […]

Our Week: People who help us Theme 2


This week we continued with the theme: People who help us. We had lots of visitors this week too, so our normal program was changed up a bit, thus we did not do a lot of crafts and other activities like usual. We had a visit(and colour hair spray) from a hairdresser, the police and […]

Our Week: People Who Help Us Theme 1


Our theme for this week(and the next) is ‘People Who Help Us’. This theme can be very wide so I categorized it into people who help us: – at school(teachers, school bus drivers, cleaners, coaches) – at home(parents, grandparents, housekeeper/maid) – when we are sick(doctors, nurses, ambulance, dentists) – when we are in danger(police, fire […]

Microwave Playdough


So, lately I need super easy and quick things to do at home with my kids, mostly because I don’t have the energy to do more, but a quick activity sometime saves the day! I came across this recipe by Lessons Learnt Journal, one that you actually make in the microwave in 7 MINUTES! (Check […]

A Typical Day for a South African Preschooler


I thought, since we have so many readers from around the globe, to write a post on a typical day in a South African preschooler’s life. It might be interesting to see how we differ or relate to other countries’ preschool routines. I might just want to add that it does differ a bit from […]

Our Week: Wild Animal Theme 2

Tiger Stick Puppet

  We continued with the “Wild Animal” Theme this week and made some cute crafts! Above you’ll see the Tiger Puppet, and below a monkey: made with real sand!   Here they made a cheetah in a zoo. Firstly a cheetah shape was traced and then painted with rolling marbles in a box. (Like we […]

Mom Bundle Sale

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Our Week- Wild Animals Theme 1


Each week I will highlight some activities we did in our classroom. I may not go into the details of how to do the activities, or have beautiful photos, but I want to share some of the fun things we do to inspire other teachers and moms! Feel free to ask if anything is unclear […]