Stuff-a-Stocking Memory Game


Last year we used these mini gifts to work on fine motor skills with this Stuffing Stockings Tray Activity. This year we used as a memory game: Stuff-a-Stocking memory game! These mini gift are just square polystyrene blocks covered with gift wrap and string. You can make your own: using polystyrene, match boxes or small blocks. Depending on the age of your child, use that many colours and mini gifts. We started off with one of each colour, 6 gifts. Then we used two of each colour and … [Continue reading...]

Polystyrene Snow Ornament


This month recyclable we are creating with is polystyrene. We made this pretty "snow" ornaments, perfect for our Christmas tree!    We reused an old clear bauble, the kind that opens up, together with pieces of polystyrene and Christmas themed decorative items.      It was as simple as adding all these items to the bauble:    Aaand closing it up! Done! A "new" ornament reusing an old one plus a recyclable, easy enough!     See this … [Continue reading...]

Salt Dough Ornament Christmas Cards


Today we are joining in the Kid-made Cards Series by showing you how to make this super cute card and salt dough ornament idea, perfect to give as a gift/card to teachers, friends or family! My kids helped with making the salt dough shapes, some with words(made with our Alphabet Cookie Stamps) others not. We used the […]

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Gingerbread Man Busy Box


We do love busy boxes, do you? I am sharing this super fun gingerbread man felt busy bag today! For this busy box I used(see similar Amazon product below): Felt(different colours) Mini pompoms Pipecleaner mouth Flip-top lunch box I used a gingerbread man cookie cutter as template to cut out the felt gingerbread man. Then, […]

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Process Art: Christmas Trees

Process Art Christmas trees

This was one of those activities I did not plan on posting here and also, I did not plan it at all, it was all the kids’ idea! But, these Christmas trees turned out cute and I recognized the importance of process art through this activity. My daughter(6.5yrs) wanted to paint, so I got the […]

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Salt Dough & Perler Bead Ornaments


We love using salt dough for all kinds of crafts, keepsakes and ornaments. Today’s craft is kid-made ornaments made with salt dough and Perler beads! We actually made salt dough for this fingerprint lights photo frame and had salt dough left over. The kids wanted to play with it, so out came the Christmas cookie cutters and […]

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Fingerprint Lights Photo Frame


Today I am sharing this special kid-made fingerprint lights photo frame as part of the Kid-made Gifts Series! For this photo frame we used: Salt Dough- 1 cup of flour plus 1 cup of salt mixed with half a cup of water An old plastic photo frame Gold spray paint Red and green paint Ribbon Alphabet Cookie […]

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