Sock Snowmen


It is Project: Recycle & Create time! Today we are creating with old socks and we made these adorable sock snowmen! I have wanted to make these snowmen for a long time and never gotten around doing it, so this month's recyclables was perfect to inspire me to get it done, and aren't they cute! Materials needed(per snowman): One white adult sock One small(baby) sock About 500g of rice(I just had coloured ones on hand) 3 rubber bands What to do: Add some of the rice to the large … [Continue reading...]

Fridge Makeover- Decal Frames


Our fridge bothered me- too white and too busy with all the photos and magnets and notes all over! I asked my friend at Lovilee to make these vinyl frame decals to give this fridge a little makeover! I chose a few different frame designs, but together they looked great! I place it on the fridge with magnets to see how I wanted it, moved them around until I liked the overall look:  Then I carefully applied the vinyl decal frames to the fridge. I might ask her to cut some more frames to fill … [Continue reading...]

Cardboard Box Drawers


I am a sucker for reusing, recycling and upcycling items, but I guess it is a good thing, right? I saw these big, sturdy boxes in one of the school store rooms, it was used for packing stationery, and ask if I could have it. I made these fab drawers for my office at school! […]

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Spelling Words with Building Blocks


What do you do with your chunkier building blocks when the kids are older and prefer the smaller blocks? Use it for spelling words! Spelling words with building blocks- so much fun learning! Yes, one could use letter cards to build words, but building words with blocks is so much more fun! This spelling activity […]

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Farm Busy Box


Today, I am sharing this easy-to-put-together farm busy box, perfect for spelling, threading and matching practice! What you need: A compartment box of some sort Letter beads Farm animal beads Pipecleaners Farm animal names printed and laminated(cut and added to a ring if you wish) Older kids can choose a name on one of the […]

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Symmetry Playdough


It was high time to make a new batch of microwave playdough(a science lesson on its own) and together with these fun symmetry playdough mats, it made a lovely early morning activity over the weekend! (Affiliate links included for your convenience, at no extra cost to you) I printed and laminated these fab mats, courtesy of the […]

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Pumpkin Handprint & Photo Keepsake


This month’s handprint and photo keepsake is a pumpkin one! Or, a handprint and photo of my little pumpkin!    This pumpkin keepsake is very similar to the Apple keepsake in shape, but I painted it afterwards because after the drying process it was too light to my liking. I used liquid food colouring, perhaps the gel […]

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