Letter Cards Holder


So, when I re-organized my Craft Store Room, I found this handy letter cards holder I made while studying. It was an assignment, and boy, did I hate making it! At that time I did not like a sewing machine(still not a big fan), and did not have the patience to learn to love it. BUT, with a little mommy-guidance I made this holder, and now I am using it in my work(finally)!I do not have the original instructions(it is around 10 years ago I made this), but I do remember(sort of), and I took … [Continue reading...]

Christ-centered Easter Activities

Easter Activities

So many Christian holidays have turned into secular holidays: forgetting the true reason for the holiday, and just having a holiday for the sake of it. That is why I love about this post from  Sisters Raising Sisters, explaining so beautifully the biblical aspect of Easter, or Passover. With that, here are some kid-friendly Easter activities you can do with your children this Easter to keep Jesus as the centre.  AND keep on reading, because at the end of this post you will have a … [Continue reading...]

Upper & Lower Case Matching Lacing Cards


I do like making frugal educational material, and these upper and lower case matching lacing cards is just that: frugal AND educational, oh, and easy too! It is a great tool to develop fine motor skills and hand eye coordination, and can be adapted to different ages by simply changing up the items to match. […]

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Teaching Punctuation Paper Plate Signs


Part of my job as a remedial therapist, is to present a weekly writing group to grade 3’s and 4’s. Together with a speech therapist and occupational therapist, we help these students in developing their writing skills, thus teaching them about all the punctuation etc. extending what they’ve learned in class. Last week we made […]

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