Washi Tape Photo Jars


It is Project: Recycle & Create time! This month we are reusing jars! We made a Washi tape photo jar, perfect as a vase(and gift for mom or gran)!    BTW, did you see last month's project Egg Carton Mache? For this project we used a coffee jar, Washi tape and a photo.   I cut the photo in a heart shape and stuck it in the middle of the jar, using a strip of tape at the sides:     My daughter tore small pieces of Washi tape and stuck it all over the … [Continue reading...]

Sticky Foam Blocks


Today we are playing with foam blocks! We took our foam blocks with spray bottles to the big shower for a bit of sticky foam block fun!   (Affiliate links included for your convenience) This is an open ended activity. I simply left the foam blocks and spray bottles in our big shower as an invitation to play.    The two 3 year old cousins had a blast with the water spray bottles and foam blocks. They were just spraying and sticking away! This is great practice for those … [Continue reading...]

Tin Can Cutlery Holders


Earth Day is tomorrow and this whole month we are focussed on recycling, reusing or upcycling items! Today I’m showing you how to turn ordinary tin cans into pretty cutlery holders, perfect for taking it outside!    What you need:  Tin cans Pretty gift wrap Contact paper Rope/lace/string or anything decorative    What to do: […]

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Fun with a Ball of String


We have a play date almost everyday with the cousins, since we live right next door to each other! Usually the kids just play whatever they want to: School-School, Vacation-Vacation, Mommy/Daddy or Making Mud or play with Cars or Legos or or… Now and again I will have an activity planned like these fun string games!     Follow the String […]

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Butterfly Memory Game using Lids


In keeping with our reuse and recycle theme for this month, I made this butterfly memory game by reusing lids for this month’s Kids Activity Hop with the theme Bugs & Butterflies! (Affiliate links included for your convenience) For this activity I have used 10 lids from jars(since I needed big-ish lids)and these type if […]

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Gruffalo Props from Recyclables


Today we are joining in Read It Make It Books & Crafts Week! I chose the story of The Gruffalo because it is such a fun story, with lots of rhyming and such a cute storyline. Best of all, the characters are great to make into props, props from recyclables!     (Affiliate links included for your convenience) I […]

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