Friendly Monster Pencil Cases


Making these friendly monster pencil cases is such fun! And useful too! I have used plain pencil pods(bought it at Checkers) and already cut craft foam shapes. One could however use any type of pencil case and cut your own craft foam shapes. Then simply decorate with you craft foam shapes! Easy peasy! Let the kids have fun creating their own friendly monster pencil cases! More monster ideas you would like: Monster Crafts and Activities Round up Picnic Fork Monsters Monster Box … [Continue reading...]

Learn Place Value with Building Blocks


Our Grade 2's are learning about place value at the moment. For some of them(I work at a remedial school) the concept is quite hard. This hands-on approach  with building blocks help to make the concept "stick" easier! You only need big building blocks and a dry-erase marker. Each block presents a place: ones(units), tens, hundreds or thousands. Simply write the numbers on the blocks with the dry-erase/white board marker. The ones goes on the smallest block, then work your way up to … [Continue reading...]

Twinkle Little Star Kid-made Lantern


It is Rhyme Time again! Last time we learned the rhyme Miss Polly had a dolly and I made a Dolly Comfort Pillow. This weeks rhyme is Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and my daughter made a lantern!    So this craft calls for loosening control a little bit, and let your child use a sharp object. […]

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South African Milk Tart


Milk Tart is a Traditional South African tart. This recipe has been in my family for decades. This is the no crust version. Ingredients 2(30ml) Tablespoons melted butter/margarine 3 eggs, separated 1 cup(250ml) sugar 1 cup flour(250ml cake or all purpose flour) 1 tea spoon(5ml) baking powder Pinch of salt 1 tea spoon(5ml) vanilla essence […]

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Playdough Cookies and Bead Sprinkles


Every two weeks or so I make a quick batch of Playdough in the microwave. This time the kids wanted green again and wanted to make playdough cookies! We got the pony beads out to decorate the cookies, and later used it for counting and sorting too! Did you know that rolling dough and pressing shapes requires […]

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Fall Leaves Quiet Book Page


Its time for sharing some creative fall activities! I made a quiet book page again, this time with fall leaves for threading and sorting! (Have you seen the previous quiet book page: Apple Tree Quiet Page?) You only need felt and pipecleaners for this fun fall activity! So I started with the grass and the tree […]

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Miss Polly had a Dolly Pillow


 It’s Rhyme Time again, whoop! Last time we had fun playing Little Miss Muffet, did you see the post? Now this time we are learning the rhyme ‘Miss Polly had a dolly’!   I had this idea to make a dolly comfort pillow for when my daughter feels sick. It is a bit of a twist […]

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