Afrikaanse Alfabet Kaarte(Alphabet Cards)

Afrikaanse Alfabet Kaarte

Afrikaanse alfabet kaarte! A bit of a different post, this one, because it is (mostly) for our Afrikaans readers! However, you can use these alphabet cards to teach Afrikaans as an additional language! Origin of Afrikaans(Wikipedia): "It is the first language of most of the Afrikaners and Coloureds of Southern Africa. Although Afrikaans has adopted words from other languages, including Portuguese, the Bantu languages, Malay, German and the Khoisan languages, an estimated 90 to 95% of the … [Continue reading...]

14 Fun Felt Busy Box Ideas Ebook

Busy Box Ideas book

You have asked for it and here it is: 14 Fun Felt Busy Box Ideas in ebook form WITH templates! Use the templates to cut felt pieces for busy boxes, for quiet books or loose for story time on your felt board! I have put together 14 of the most popular(and some new) busy box ideas with the templates in Ebook form so that you can access it it any time (and at your own time) to make up your collection. This *might* be volume 1 since I have many more ideas brewing... What is this ebook … [Continue reading...]

Bottle Top Toddler Toy

Bottle Top toddler toy

We all have bottle tops laying around, right? Use them for playing and learning(find more ideas here)! Make this fun colour matching bottle top toddler toy! All you need is: A variety of colours of bottle tops/lids/caps(pairs). I used the bigger ones to be safe. Large Velcro Dots After cleaning the tops, simply stick the dots […]

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Kings & Queens Memory Game

Kings and queens

K is for Kings & Queens memory game! This week we are playing with all things starting with the letter K during our A-Z of Play at Home Series. Use a pack of cards to play this fun memory and matching game! We have this pack of cards we bought in Wales a *few* years back(before […]

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(Alphabet) Jenga

Alphabet Jenga

Do you love playing Jenga? Try this alphabet Jenga with the kids, so fun, and educational as well! We are at the letter J in our A-Z of Play Series and we played Jenga, well, alphabet Jenga! Jenga is a game where you build a tower of blocks and pull out blocks strategically without letter the tower […]

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Paper Plate & Spinner Numeracy Games

Plate and spinner numeracy games

We just love to use our fidget spinner  for learning! These Literacy Games are quite a hit so I made another plate, this time to use for numeracy games! You will need: Paper Plate Marker Fidget Spinner Small triangle arrow from cardboard or craft foam This paper plate is so simple to make: simply write numbers all […]

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Ice Cream Stick Balancing Challenge

Ice cream stick balancing

This week we are playing with the letter I in our series A-Z of Play at Home. We had a fun game called Ice Cream stick balancing challenge! We played with our little shop toys, but you can play with any small toys/figurines/mini erasers etc and ice cream sticks. (Use the thicker craft sticks for little […]

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Paper Plate & Spinner Literacy Games

Plate and spinner games

Does your child own a fidget spinner? Put it to good use with these paper plate and spinner literacy games! (Also see these NUMERACY games) First, how to make this paper plate. You will need: Paper Plate FREE printable letters or just write your own Scissors Glue Marker Fidget spinner Small arrow from paper or craft foam […]

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